Meet The Team

Meet the Team

Carl Richards


Carl Richards has spent more than 25 years behind the microphone, on the radio and on stage, entertaining and influencing audiences worldwide. He’s a 3x best-selling author, TEDx Speaker and emcee, host of the Speaking of Speaking Podcast and the Podcast Solutions Made Simple Podcast.

Amanda Babcock

Amanda Babcock

Project Manager/Billing

As a Project Manager Amanda is your project’s biggest advocate. She’s here to ensure everyone’s on the same page, deadlines are met, and loose ends are tied up. Amanda gets to help turn your ideas into reality and ensure every project shines, on time and on point.

Stephanie Gafoor_Podcast Solutions

Stephanie Gafoor


Stephanie ensures that everything needed to onboard our clients runs smoothly. She helps you (and us too!) stay organized. Whether it’s setting up episode tracking spreadsheets, creating show art or setting up show notes, she has you covered!

Kieran Doherty

Kieran Doherty

Lead Producer

As Lead Producer, Kieran brings a multitude of experience and expertise to the team. Kieran leads the team that takes your audio and video content and edits it so you look and sound great. Having worked as an editor for nearly all of his career, he has a wide range of knowledge as it pertains to audio engineering and media production. Kieran is currently in film school at Queen’s University and enjoys traveling, books and motorsports!

Domingo Carrillo

Assistant Producer

Dom is the audio guy at Podcast Solutions Made Simple. He loves listening to podcasts as much as he enjoys working on them. Dom is also a big lover of music.  He is dedicated to making your podcast sound great! 

Simon Lee

Simon Lee

Transcription & Show Notes

Simon Lee was born and raised in Brockville, Ontario. He has a background in theater and performing arts. Simon works on the back end of your show,  creating and editing podcast transcriptions, writing show notes, episode descriptions and titles that get noticed!

Kenton Edward Dobrowolski

Kenton Edward Dobrowolski

Music Producer

Kenton Edward Dobrowolski is an emerging Canadian producer. With an eclectic array of influences such as Buddy Rich, Miles Davis, Brian Wilson, Kevin Hearn, Dave Grohl, Modest Mouse, M. Ward and Rick Rubin—he’s been crafting his own sought-after sound. Kenton was raised in Okotoks, Alberta and demonstrated an affinity to music and rhythm at an early age. His father, a professional musician, taught him how to play drums and he excelled in talent competitions and school band. As well, Kenton was in a number of bands outside of school. By age 14, Kenton had developed a keen interest in music production while sitting alongside renowned music producer and sound engineer Brian Joseph Dobbs on multiple projects. He also learned how to play multiple instruments and studied music theory. In 2020, Kenton founded PEACH JAM RECORDS – an independent record label with a focus on helping artists and business establish their own unique sound.

Nathan Symen (Tjeerdsma)

Music Department

Nathan is a multi-instrumentalist who has been performing and writing music for over 15 years. Over the last few years, he has composed music for many different podcast hosts using a variety of genres and styles.

Our team works together…and the result is Happy Clients!