Podcast Solutions

Full Service, Custom Podcast Solutions For Coaches, Consultants and Other Subject Matter Experts!

Launching & maintaining a podcast DOESN’T have to be:

We help busy, overwhelmed coaches, consultants and other subject matter experts who don’t think they have the time or technical skills, launch a podcast, increase their reach, and be seen as the go to expert, without the headaches!

We help with this simple Podcast Production Blueprint

3 P’s to a successful podcast:


Launch strategy
Music selection
Content planning


Content Strategy & Delivery
Editing, mixing
Show notes & links


Marketing strategy
Audience Building

Want more high ticket sales? We help you create a podcast that does just that!

Did you know?

Podcast Solutions Made Simple can also support your short term audio and video projects. When Melissa Schenk of MS2 Productions spoke at Small Business Week in Gananoque, Ontario, Canada, PSMS was there to capture the moment!