The 3 Step Podcast Solutions Blueprint

When traveling to a place you’ve never been before you would use your GPS or a roadmap to help you get there. It would show you the best possible routes to guide you to safely arrive at your destination, and in good time. A podcast is no different. 

However a lot of us when we first check out podcasting, we do it without a set ‘plan.’  The problem is when we do that, sometimes we make mistakes, or forget what all the elements are, which makes it harder. Not to mention it could cost us more time and deter us from really getting started. The plan is what sets up your show so it’s successful right from day ONE! 

There is a 3-step process that makes it easier to get started, and it looks like this:


At the Planning stage, that’s where we establish a launch strategy. We set a launch date and work the calendar backwards to create a timeline. WE decide on what type of show we’re going to produce. We start to gather assets such as artwork and music. It’s also where we start to curate content and work through what our tech requirements are.


At the Production stage we book our guests, record our episodes or interviews. We take our recorded content and edit and mix it down to a podcast episode, or pass it on you our team to do it for us. It’s also where we gather all the links and content needed for the show notes.


This is the phase that often gets forgotten. It’s where we start talking about and promoting our show. It’s where we develop an organic marketing strategy. At this stage we also start building our audience using various tools and techniques. We network and spread the word constantly. We also start to look at monetization, to ensure our podcast makes our business profitable. 

In order for it all to come together, you need all 3 Ps. Otherwise your show might not land where you want to, or have the same level of success. 

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Carl Richards