Selecting Music For Your Podcast

When selecting music for your podcast there are many things to consider:

What’s my brand? 

How does my brand sound?
Who are my clients?
What’s the goal of my show?

What are my personal tastes?

Music is a very personal thing. That’s why the music we choose for our podcast not only has to be a reflection of our brand but should also be a reflection of who we are as individuals. Unless of course, your podcast is an agency or association-style show that has an existing theme or jingle. 

Here are some tips when searching for the perfect music for your show:

1. Original music is always better! Seek out a musician and ask if they can help you.

2. Royalty Free doesn’t always mean ‘free’ or without permission. Always check before using.

3. Do NOT use well-known songs, unless you’re prepared to pay the fees (which could get into the thousands of dollars).

4. Use as many different versions of variations of the theme for intro and extro. 

5. Always consider the type of show, your industry, your prospects and clients and your personal tastes.