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Podcast Solutions Made Simple

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We are a full service podcast production and marketing agency. We help coaches, consultants and other subject matter experts who feel they don`t have the time and technical skills to have a podcast, create, launch and maintain a podcast that allows them to be seen as the go-to expert. We focus heavily on strategy, messaging and organic marketing.

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What we are looking to accomplish is to position our company as a leader in podcast production AND MARKETING. We’re also looking to ‘promote’ that, the CEO (me, Carl Richards) has his finger on the pulse of the business. There will be a podcast hosted by him, blog posts, information highlighting his background, knowledge, and expertise in the media space and podcasting space. We need to highlight how we are different, why we are different, and why it’s not just about ‘the price.’ It’s about quality, strategy, business growth and community.
I’ve tried leaving comments above for the two sites…and for some reason I’m not able to.
Diana Lidstone is my coach. I’d like my site to mirror hers as closely as possible. We’ve created the content and ‘site map’ with the theme of her website in mind.

Podcast Factory is a competitor. We do very similar things, they’ve just been doing it longer than we have. We need to showcase and highlight we are as good, if not better!
I’ll need your assistance with some podcast appropriate photos to ‘pad’ the site. Thanks!
I’m also looking to set up a custom email for this site and not sure how to set that up.
Also, do you create a standard Privacy policy?

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Podcast Solutions Made Simple

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